Walk from the Yew Tree Inn, Conderton now on the site.

Over the last few years myself and a couple of friends have started walking together, usually weekly. As we have enjoyed the walks so much I thought it might be useful to document some and publish them online for anyone who might be interested. Walks will be added as they are done (or revisited) to ensure they are accurate as of the date they are done.

In addition to the online description, each walk has a link to a downloadable PDF file with an outline map and instructions, and a link to a downloadable Google Earth .kmz file which can be opened from within Google Earth to view the route. Depending on the equipment I had with me on each walk, the .kmz file will be a static route plot done within Google Earth, or a recording of the actual walk as tracked by my GPS device and subsequently transferred into Google Earth. In the latter cases any mistakes made during the walk (such as taking the wrong path requiring retracing of my steps) will be faithfully shown on the route!

The majority of the walks are intended to be completed in 2-3 hours and usually range in distance from 6-8 miles. They are circular as we end them with lunch and are all based on a countryside pub. We walk in the morning, starting around 9:30am allowing us to finish shortly after midday, giving us plenty of time to eat! Alternatively, from Spring to Autumn when the light lasts longer, they could be done in the mid to later afternoon finishing in time for an early evening meal.

The majority of the walks are within a maximum 45 minutes driving time from Cheltenham (our base), often less and with most of them we use the pub car park. Before using a new pub, as a courtesy I usually check that they are happy for us to leave our car in their car park, walk and then eat there. As nearly all the pubs are in villages rather than towns, I have never had any refusal. However pubs in the larger villages and towns such as Bourton and Winchcombe may be less happy (understandably they do not want people to use their car parks for free parking while shopping) so extra care should be taken in such cases. (Few, if any of the walks to be described here will be based on the larger villages and towns).

We have never had to book for lunch (we walk weekdays) but if eating in the evening after a walk, a few pubs might need a booking, worth checking.

The walks are organised in four groups with pubs based approximately in the following areas:-

Many of the walks necessarily go through two of the above areas.