Ford, Farmcote, Stumps Cross, Taddington and Cutsdean

The walk goes south west along the Gloucestershire Way, then north through Farmcote and north east along the Cotswold Way. Finally it heads east to Taddington, then south along the Winchcombe Way back to Ford.

  • Start Point:
  • SP 0890 2936. The Plough Inn, Ford.

  • Length:
  • 6.87 miles
  • Ascent/Descent:
  • 911 feet
  • Description:
  • The walk follows clear paths or quiet lanes and unless very wet should be firm underfoot. There is not much flat walking, but except in one or two places the gradients are gentle or moderate. The steeper ascents are short. Most of the route is in the open with just a few wooded sections.
  • Date Walked:
  • 25th May 2012

The Plough Inn.

Start from the the Plough Inn, Ford, grid reference SP 0890 2936. PDF of the walk and/or Google Earth Track of the walk.

Map No Grid Reference Distance Instructions
1 SO 8912 1043 915 yards

Leave the pub heading west along the B4077 dropping down the hill, then climb up a path to the lane above Ford and head north along the lane to where the Gloucestershire Way heads south west off the lane.

  • Leave the pub along the B4077 heading north west then west dropping down the hill to cross over the stream (the River Windrush - see photograph) at SP 0865 2934.
  • At SP 0862 2932 take the path on the left which climbs south up the hill.
  • At SP 0868 2911 join a lane and turn sharp right to head north west.
  • At SP 0850 2933 turn left off the lane along the path signposted the Gloucestershire Way.
2 SP 0850 2933 1,050 yards

Follow the Gloucestershire Way path south west, climbing at first passing a quarry on the right (see photograph) then descending to reach a lane at Slade Barn Farm.

3 SP 0769 2879 2,075 yards

Follow the undulating lane south west passing Pinnock Wood Wood Farm on the left and the lane to Farmcote on the right to reach a path heading north off the lane over a stile at SP 0613 2780. The photograph shows a view along the lane.

4 SP 0613 2780 900 yards

Follow the path north across undulating ground to reach the lane leading to Farmcote.

  • Go over the stile and head north across undulating land. The photograph looks north.
  • At SP 0615 2805 cross over a stile and bear slightly right and follow the eastern edge of the field.
  • Climb gently along the edge of the field to reach the lane leading to Farmcote at SP 0611 2860.
5 SP 0611 2860 950 yards

Turn left and follow the lane north through Farmcote (the photograph is of a large house in the village) then north west through North Farmcote as it turns to a track to reach the Cotswold Way at SP 0592 2937.

6 SP 0592 2937 800 yards

Follow the Cotswold Way north east to Beckbury Monument.

  • Turn right of the track through a wooden gate to follow the Cotswold Way climbing north east.
  • At SP 0607 2960 go through a metal gate.
  • At SP 0614 2972 go through a wooden gate.
  • The climb becomes quite steep and SP 0630 2993 bears right to head and reach the Beckbury Monument (see photograph).
7 SP 0630 2997 1,725 yards

Continue on the Cotswold Way north east, south east the north east again to reach the B4077 at Stumps Cross.

  • Go through a wooden gate and head east along the Cotswold Way.
  • At SP 0654 2999 go through a metal gate
  • Follow the northern and eastern edge of the field then continue south east passing through a metal gate on the left at SP 0687 2988 to reach a track junction at SP 0692 2986.
  • Turn left and head north east along a wide track gently descending through a metal gate at SP 0715 3008 to reach the B4077 at Stumps Cross. the photograph shows trees alongside the track.
8 SP 0758 3037 1,580 yards

Cross the B4077 road and go north east along the lane, then go east and north east across fields to the lane in Taddington.

  • Cross the B4077 and gently climb the lane north east. There is a footpath shown running alongside the lane, but there seems little point using it.
  • At SP 0778 3082 turn right off the lane over a stone stile and climb gently east passing a large quarry on the right (see photograph).
  • At SP 0811 3071, just before a small wood, turn left and go north then at SP 0811 3074 turn right over a stile into light woods.
  • Go north east following an indistinct path through the woods, then leave the woods over a stile at SP 0817 3078.
  • Continue north east across the field and climb over the field wall using the steps at SO 0832 3092.
  • Continue north east to go over a stile at SP 0856 3104. When I walked the route, the field contained growing crops and the path had not been left so I had to skirt around the south and east side of the field.
  • Descend east to go through a metal gate at SP 0862 3104 followed after a few yards by a wooden gate alongside a metal gate at SP 0864 3104 into the lane at Taddington.
9 SP 0864 3104 1,050 yards

Turn left and go north along the lane for a few yards then turn off right along the Winchcombe Way and go south along the valley of the Windrush to reach the second lane running through Cutsdean.

  • Turn left and go north along the lane for a few yards then turn sharp right over a stile signposted the Winchcombe Way at SP 0864 3107.
  • Descend south east across the field to climb over a wall using steps at SP 0876 3093.
  • Go south along the stream valley (the River Windrush), crossing the course of the stream by a wooden footbridge (see photograph) at SP 0881 3062.
  • Continue south then bear right to climb the valley side and go through a wooden gate at SP 0880 3051 followed immediately by a metal gate.
  • Go south across the field, through a metal gate at SP 0877 3036 into a farm yard then a wooden gate at SP 0877 3032 into a lane at Cutsdean.
  • Cross over the lane climbing the opposite bank and crossing a stile into the field.
  • Cross the field heading south to go through a wooden gate at SP 0880 3022 into the lane in Cutsdean.
10 SP 0880 3022 1,100 yards

Continue south across fields then through some of the paddocks of Jackdaw's Castle Stables back to the B4077 and the pub.

  • Cross over the lane and continue south up the track opposite to go through a wooden gate at SP 0881 3020.
  • Continue south passing Cutsdean Church on the right to go through a wooden gate at SP0890 2998.
  • Turn left to descend over a wooden board walk over broad stream bed then bear left to go south west down a small valley.
  • At SP 0886 2978 go through a wooden gate into a small coppice and continue south west through an avenue of trees (see photograph).
  • At SP 0878 2969 come out of the trees and turn left onto a broad track heading south east between paddocks of Jackdaw's Castle Stables.
  • At SP 0892 2954 turn right then bear left through a gap in the hedge onto a tarmac track and head south west.
  • At SP 0881 2944 go over a stile by a gate onto the B4077 and turn left back to the pub.