Alderton, Dumbleton and Dumbleton and Alderton Hills

The walk skirts the eastern edge of Alderton Hill before climbing up between Dumbleton and Alderton Hills, goes through the woods overlooking Washbourne and Beckford and descends back down through the woods to Alderton.

  • Start Point:
  • SO 9990 3336. The Gardners Arms, Alderton.

  • Length:
  • 7.00 miles
  • Ascent/Descent:
  • 718 feet
  • Description:
  • The walk goes east along Dibden lane before turning north to go to Dumbleton along the lower eastern slopes of Alderton Hill. It then climbs a long tarmac farm road up between Dumbleton and Alderton Hills, before going through the woods on Washbourne and Perrets Hill descending to Didcot Farm, then returning through the same woods and across farm land back to Alderton. The route is easily followed on tarmac or clearly define paths. There is one longish climb which is moderate to steep but is on tarmac and easy walking with a few other undulating sections.
  • Date Walked:
  • 20th April 2012

The Gardners Arms.

Start from the Gardners Arms, Alderton, grid reference SO 9990 3336. PDF of the walk and/or Google Earth Track of the walk.

Map No Grid Reference Distance Instructions
1 SO 9990 3336 1,400 yards

Turn right out of the pub car park and go east and south east along Beckford Road, School Road and Dibden Lane to where Dibden Lane turns right at Frampton Farm Cottages and a footpath continues east across fields. The photograph looks north from Dibden Lane towards Alderton Hill.

2 SP 0106 3294 1,850 yards

Continue south east along the footpath (the Wychavon Way) to just before it bears right towards the B4077 then take the footpath going north and north east across farmland to the tarmac drive leading to Naunton Farm.

  • Turn left off Dibden Lane at the end, crossing a footbridge over a ditch, go through a metal gate on to the Wychavon Way and go south east across the field.
  • At SP 0125 3281 go through a wooden gate, over a footbridge, through another wooden gate and continue south east with along the northern edge of the field.
  • At SP 0170 3257 take the footpath on the left heading north crossing a footbridge (a bit wonky, see photograph)over a ditch.
  • Go north veering north east across the field to go through a hedge via by a disused metal gate at SP 0192 3318.
  • Continue north east to join the tarmac drive leading to Naunton Farm.
3 SP 0203 3339 600 yards

Turn left and head north along the drive, round the two corners into Naunton Farm, through a metal gate by the farm buildings where the tarmac drive ends and on past the farm buildings to a metal gate overlooking the cattle shed and storage areas. The photograph shows (probably) disused equipment on the farm.

4 SP 0185 3382 2,100 yards

Go through the metal gate and head north along the eastern slopes of Alderton Hill, through several gates, over several stiles and a couple of footbridges to reach the lane at the south end of Dumbleton village near the church.

  • Go through the metal gate and bear right to go through another after a few yards.
  • Head north to cross a stile at SP 0186 3411 and pass a small pond on your left just after the stile.
  • Continue north to a metal gate at SP 0185 3417 followed by a short steep climb.
  • At SP 0187 3434 go over stile (or through the adjacent gate and bear left) into a wooded area (covered in bluebells at the right time of the year - see phhotograph) and continue north through the wood.
  • At SP 0187 3449 go over a stile (or through the adjacent gate) and leave the wood continuing north gently downhill along the hillside.
  • At SP 0182 3478 go through a wooden gate then bear slightly right through another gate and continue gently descending north.
  • At SP 0183 3520 pass through a gap in the fence by the remains of a stile and continue north still gently descending.
  • At SP 0182 3548 cross a wooden footbridge over a ditch followed by another smaller footbridge and cross the track leading Leyfield Farm continuing north now along broadly level ground.
  • At SP 0182 3574 pass through a gap in the hedge and over a stile into the lane at the south end of Dumbleton village.
5 SP 0182 3574 1,800 yards

Turn left and go south west up the tarmac lane and drive past the Dumbleton Hall Hotel and climb the long quite steep tarmac drive up to Hill Farm turning to head south along a hardcore track to enter woods west of the summit of Alderton Hill. The photograph looks up to The Warren from the drive as it climbs the hill.

  • Turn sharp left and go south west along the tarmac lane leading to Leyfield Farm.
  • At SP 0166 3554 continue south west onto the tarmac drive which climbs quite steeply up to Hill Farm between Dumbleton Hill to the north and Alderton Hill to the south. Two cattle grids are crossed during the climb and towards the top the drive turns to head more south.
  • At SP 0071 3502 near where the tarmac drive end close to Hill Farm (which looks largely derelict), bear left onto a gravel and cinder path still climbing gently heading south.
  • At SP 0051 3454 go through a wooden gate into Dumbleton Estate Woods.
6 SP 0051 3454 1,360 yards

Turn right and follow the path broadly north along the eastern edge of the woods. The woods fall away steeply on the western side. After about 600 yards the path starts to descend and emerges out of the wood through a wooden gate, then descends quite steeply towards Didcot Farm to a stile over the fence on the west side of the field shortly before reaching the farm. The photograph shows a glade in the woods on the descent.

7 SP 0018 3555 950 yards

Over the stile turn sharp left and head south west, then south back into the woods, to where the path leaves the wood over a stile into farmland at SO 9993 3477.

  • Cross the stile and go south west gently uphill back towards the wood.
  • At SP 0003 3540 go throgh a wooden gate into the wood, bearing right along the public right of way (the path straight ahead is signed private.
  • Go south through the wood (see photograph of the path) and at SO 9994 3481 bear right towards the edge of the wood.
  • At SO 9993 3477 go over a stile and leave the wood into farmland.
8 SO 9993 3477 1,760 yards

Head south across farmland to reach Beckford Road in Alderton just opposite the Gardeners Arms.

  • Over the stile continue south across the farmland.
  • At SO 9989 3461 go over a stile and bear left top continue south along the edge of the field.
  • At SO 9990 3453 go through a gap in the hedge and continue south across the middle of the next field.
  • At SO 9992 3436 cross a small footbridge followed by a rather wobbly stile.
  • At SO 9989 3402 go over a stile and bear right to head south west across the next field. The photograph shows the path through the middle of the early oil seed rape crop.
  • At SO 9976 3382 bear left and cross a footbridge over a ditch.
  • The map show the footpath heading south east then south across the next field, but when I walked it, the path was completely covered by crops, so I went round the west and southern perimeter of the field (via SO 9971 3362) to where the path joins a track at SO 9993 3352.
  • Turn right and go south down the track to reach Beckford Road in Alderton village opposite the Gardners Arms.