Slad over to Pitchcombe and back

The walk climbs up from Slad over Wickridge Hill, descends to near Pitchcombe, then climbs back over Wickridge hill and round the back of Slad.

  • Start Point:
  • SO 8718 0732. The Woolpack, Slad.

  • Length:
  • 6.79 miles
  • Ascent/Descent:
  • 1,315 feet
  • Description:
  • The walk is hilly with some fairly steep parts. The paths are easily followed and on good surfaces with some tarmac in places.
  • Date Walked:
  • 16th March 2012

The Apple Tree.

Start from the Woolpack in Slad, grid reference SO 8718 0732. PDF of the walk and/or Google Earth Track of the walk.

Map No Grid Reference Distance Instructions
1 SO 8718 0732 750 yards

Go north east along the B4070 then follow a lane on the right to return to the B4070 further north.

  • Go north east then north along the B4070.
  • At SO 8732 0755 bear right off the main road to continue north along Steanbridge Lane starting to climb after a while.
  • At SO 8738 0778 as the lane turns right and starts to drop bear left along the narrow lane continuing to climb.
  • Climb steeply up the lane heading north east then turning round to go north west back to the B4070 at Slad war memorial (see photograph).
2 SO 8734 0785 720 yards

Cross the B4070 and climb west up the track then turn north east and climb through Frith Wood Nature Reserve to reach a wide track on the west edge of the wood.

  • Go straight over the B4070 and climb up the track opposite.
  • At SO 8720 0788 turn right off the track onto the signposted bridleway into Frith Wood Nature Reserve and continue to climb now heading north east. The path is quite narrow.
  • At SO 8721 0799 join a wider path merging from the left and continue to climb north east in the woods.
  • At SO 8727 0808 take the left hand fork in the path and continue to climb still heading north east. The photograph looks back down the path from along here.
  • At SO 8736 0828 cross over a path crossroads and continue climbing north east as the climb slackens off to join another path/track at SO 8738 0836.
3 SO 8738 0836 1,800 yards

Turn sharp left and go south west climbing at first then broadly level to a junction of farm tracks. Then go north west and descend quite steeply to the junction of Yokehouse and Stepping Stone Lanes.

  • Turn sharp left and go south west along the broad track through the edge of woods climbing gently then levelling out then falling gently.
  • At SO 8695 0792 the path emerges from the woods and splits into two paths either side of a low stone wall. Either path can be used, the left hand one is the footpath, the right hand one looks to be used by horse riders.
  • At SO 8682 0773 the path enters a small wooded area and emerges on a farm track running east to west with another farm track running directly ahead south west.
  • At SO 8681 0770 turn right onto the farm track and go north west.
  • At SO 8669 0789 go over a cattle grid or through the gate alongside and head more north descending quite steeply through woods initially. The photograph looks back to the cattle grid.
  • At SO 8671 0806 the path leaves the woods and descends more steeply between grassy banks and heads more north west.
  • At SO 8659 0827 a track joins on the right hand side, continue descending north west.
  • At SO 8651 0831 go over a cattle grid or through a gate into Yokehouse Lane just above it's junction with Stepping Stone Lane.
4 SO 8651 0831 1,450 yards

Turn left onto Yokehouse Lane then onto Wick Street and go south and south west to Pincot Lane. Go north west and west down Pincot Lane to where a footpath on the left heads south.

  • Turn left onto Yokehouse Lane then immediately at the junction with Stepping Stone Lane and Wick Street, turn left and go south along Wick Street. The photograph looks along Wick Street.
  • At SO 8626 0782 turn right into Pincot Lane and head north west then west down quite a steep descent.
  • The lane flattens out and at SO 8573 0803 footpaths go off left and right. Take the left hand path to head south.
5 SO 8573 0803 1,020 yards

Go south and south east undulating across fields to reach Wades Lane near Brownshill Court.

  • Turn left and go south along a short drive then bear slightly right into light woods.
  • At SO 8572 0797 cross a stream using a narrow concrete block then go over a wooden stile into a large field.
  • Head south west across the field (the photograph shows the view) to cross a stream and go over a wooden stile at SO 8545 0756.
  • Climb up a steepish climb south west into the next field.
  • At SO 8529 0737 pass a wooden stile (the gate is no longer there).
  • At SO 8527 0733 go over a wooden stile into a lane. Turn left and climb the lane heading south west to where a path goes straight on where the lane turns left.
6 SO 8523 0725 720 yards

Go south across fields to Hammonds Farm then up the lane to Wick Street.

  • Take the footpath heading south, over the wooden stile.
  • Continue south along the right hand edge of then field to go over a wooden stile at SO 8518 0709.
  • Go over another wooden stile at SO 8518 0706 and continue south along the right hand edge of the next field.
  • At SO 8514 0683 go over a stone stile into a Hammonds Farm Lane. The photograph show grain silos at the farm.
  • Turn left on to the lane and go south east climbing gently to the junction with Wick Street.
7 SO 8529 0668 1,340 yards

Go over Wick Street and climb east and north east up Wickridge Hill to Folly Lane.

  • Cross over Wick Street onto a semi tarmacced track and start to climb Wickridge Hill heading east.
  • The climb becomes steeper, winds along the edge of woods and turns to head north east.
  • At SO 8574 0667 the semi tarmacced track bears right into the woods and the path changes to a hard core track continuing to climb north east towards more woods steeping again in parts. The photograph looks up the track along here.
  • At SO 8595 0685 go through a metal gate and into a field and heading more east up a more gentle incline with the field margin on the left.
  • The path passes over the top of the climb and gently descends through a metal gate at SO 8633 0689 down to join Folly Lane through another metal gate at SO 8640 0690.
8 SO 8641 0689 300 yards

Go north east along Folly Lane to where a path goes off right heading south east downhill alongside woods. The photograph is of Worgan's Farm farmhouse just by the path.

9 SO 8656 0712 700 yards

Descend the hill south east alongside woods to the B4070.

  • Turn right off the lane over a wooden stile onto a narrow path through the margins of a wood which descends quite steeply in places heading predominantly south east.
  • At SO 8687 0699 go over a wooden stile out of the wood margins into an open field continuing to descend south east, past an old water trough on the left (see photograph) and then back into light woods.
  • At SO 8707 0689 go round some abandoned farm equipment on to a narrow tarmac path which descends very steeply down south east to the B4070.
10 SO 8713 0688 510 yards

Head south along the B4070 then drop down to Slad Lane and climb up to the restricted byeway heading north by the junction with Knapp Lane.

  • Cross over the B4070 and head south on the pavement (the road can be busy). The photograph is of Woodside House on the opposite side of the road.
  • At SO 8705 0673 turn left off the road onto a path descending over a wooden stile south east to another stile at SO 8707 0669 into Slad Lane.
  • Turn left and head east along Slad Lane then climb steeply as the lane goes round bends to where a restricted byway heads off north at the just by the junction with Knapp Lane.
11 SO 8723 0665 880 yards

Go north along the byway, then north and north east across fields to a lane near Elcombe.

  • Go north along the byway (signed Upper Vatch Mill) .
  • At SO 8726 0672 go over stile on the right into a field and head north east uphill across the field aiming towards the gate/stile at the top.
  • At SO 8740 0694 go over a wooden stile and bear a bit to the right to follow the path across then field (a footpath marker post is visible in the middle of the field).
  • At SO 8758 0703 go over a wooden stile and bear right alongside a small pool to the east (see photograph) and over another wooden stile into another field.
  • Go east gradually climbing across the field to go over a wooden stile at SO 8775 0706 onto a track in trees.
  • Turn left and climb fairly steeply north and north west up the track through the trees to reach a lane by houses at Elcombe.
12 SO 8772 0712 750 yards

Turn left and go down the lane through the houses then head north across fields to Steanbridge Lane.

  • Turn left and head west along the lane, through the houses then bear right to go north as the lane peters out onto a track.
  • At SO 8771 0722 go over a wooden stile or through a gate and go north along the top edge of a field. The photograph shows mistletoe covered trees in this field.
  • At SO 8776 0738 go through gateposts (the gate has long gone) and bear more north west along the top edge of the next field.
  • At SO 8773 0752 the path goes into a gap into low bushes/trees (not in the field corner, about 10 yards to the left), you will need to duck as the bushes/trees are quite low.
  • At SO 8772 0753 go over a wooden stile and start descending to go over another wooden stile at SO 8773 0757 into an open field.
  • Descend down the left hand side of the field to go through the gate at SO 8768 0770 across the bridge over a stream with a lake on the right hand side and reach Steanbridge Lane.
13 SO 8766 0773 950 yards

Climb up Steanbridge Lane heading west then south to join the B4070 and continue south back to the Woolpack.

  • The photograph is of the Slad Brook alongside Steanbridge Lane. Turn left onto Steanbridge Lane and head west and north west up the lane which climbs quite steeply in places around bends.
  • At SO 8738 0778 rejoin the route taken at the start of the walk, bearing left round the bend to head south, staying on Steanbridge Lane to the junction with the B4070 at SO 8732 0755.
  • Go south and south east along the B4070 to return to the Woolpack.