Welcome to my personal homepage. It acts as a gateway to the rest of my website pages where a number of topics which occupy much of my time are covered.

Walk from the Yew Tree Inn, Conderton now on the site.

What's on the site?

A bit about me.

I am a retired IT professional living in the Cotswolds, married to a wonderful wife, with four beautiful daughters, one son-in-law, one son-in-law to be and two grandchildren so far. Born, brought up and educated in Birmingham, I worked there for two years as an Insurance Clerk for a prominent Liability Insurer until I was fortunate enough to move into the parent company's IT (then called Data Processing) department early on in the development of computer and communications technology in the mid 1960s. This change of occupation was what brought me to the Cotswolds where I have spent the last 45 years and am slowly being accepted as a local. My wife is a Cotswolds local. My brother and sister still live in the Birmingham area.

My IT career started as an application programmer but within twelve months I moved into the technical systems area and spent the rest of my career in that field ending up as the IT Director responsible for the delivery of computing and telecommunications services throughout the UK for one of the leading insurance and investment companies in the country.

One of my daughters was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1999 and my diabetes. page briefly covers this and links on to a resource dedicated to helping families with a diabetic child.

My interests in no particular order include cycling, walking, IT (amateur these days), family history research, a wide taste in music and I like most sport, particularly football. I played amateur football at a very low level until my mid thirties (although I was in the side which won the Birmingham Youth Cup in 1963). I am a supporter of Birmingham City Football Club (a largely unrewarding activity) and I also like to see Cheltenham Town Football Club my local professional club do well.

Following retirement I returned to cycling which I had not done to any great degree since my teenage years joining the Cycling Tourist Club and in particular my local branch the Cheltenham CTC and in 2000 completed the Land's End to John O'Groats "End to End" ride. Unfortunately due to some problems with arthritis in recent years my cycling has been much curtailed, but instead I have increased the amount of walking I do, and my Cotswold pages will detail many walks in the area.

Building on the work started by my father in the late 1980s,I have researched the family history of my father, mother and some possibly connected families and this research is the subject of my family history pages.

I have played skittles for a local team since the late 1960s. Since the mid 1980's the records of the team's performances have been kept and my skittles pages deals with all aspects, current and historical of the skittles team.