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End of season review

Winners of division 5 with 16 wins, 1 draw and 7 defeats. Went out in first round of the cup.

Simon Trotter won the averages on 40.26. Highest score went to John Marcer with a 58. Most top scores went to Simon with 6.

Most spares of 3 was shared by John Marcer, Neil and Tim. Best spare of 16 was shared by John Marcer and Mark.

Lowest score of 20 was recorded by Rod.

Neil recorded his best ever qualifying league average with 38.41, beating the 38.09 he set in 2014/2015. He also recorded his best pins up against his opponent of 42 beating the 40 he set in 2015/2016.

Derrick recorded his lowest ever qualifying league average of 34.88, beating the 34.95 he set in 1994/1995.

Our highest team total was 486 at home in February, our lowest was 411 in the final game of the season at the Newlands. Our average total was 447.16 (our highest ever team average total was 456 in 2013/2014).

Our best win was by 50 at home in February, our worst defeat was by 67 in the final game of the season at the Newlands.

The highest individual leg total was 140 by a second leg of Paul Rowland, John Marcer and Derrick at home in February. The lowest individual leg total was 90 by a second leg of Paul Rowland, Derek and Rod at the Victory Club in February.