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Seagulls lose again

Unable to win two games in a row Seagulls went down by 26 pins against the Old Golds at the Victory Club.

First leg lost 11 pins with a total of 99. Derek scored 29 including a beaver.

Second lost 1 pin. John Marcer's 41 took top score and included a 14 spare.

Third leg lost 16 pins. Derrick scored 28.

Anchor leg won by 2 pins.

All time records

In the all time averages table Derrick falls from 14th to 15th.

In the pins against man table, Tim climbs from 19th to 18th with Paul Rowland falling from 18th to 19th.

Joel passes 9,000 pins,

Joel has now scored 9,011 pins, the 18th player to pass 9,000.