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Seagulls third league defeat of the season

Seagulls lost by 33 pins against the Nomads at the Albion House, never being competitive from the start.

First leg lost by 18 pins. Alan scored 40

Second leg lost by 8 pins. Paul Rowland scored 41.

Third leg lost by 7 pins. Neil scored 41.

Anchor ended all square. Simon scored 42 for top score. Tim had an 11 spare. Terry only managed 29.

All time records

In the pins scored table Neil climbs from 25th to 24th.

In the pins against man table Simon climbs from 6th to 5th, Paul Rowland from 20th to 19th and Tim from 22nd to 21st=. Colin falls from 5th to 6th and Terry from 15th to 16th.

In the spares table Tim climbs from 19th to 18th=.