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Seagulls getting losing habit

Seagulls lost their 4th game in a row by 24 pins agianst the Barons at the Hillview Community Centre.

First leg won by 4 pins. Alan took 43 with top score. Mark had 28.

Second lost by 4 pins.

Third leg lost 9 pins only scoring 97. Derrick scored 25. Curtis had a beaver.

Anchor lost 15 pins. John Duck had 27.

All time records

In the all time averages table Derrick falls from 15th to 16th.

In beavers table Curtis climbs from 22nd= to 20th=.

>Other records.

Mark's 28 was his lowest playing second on first leg beating the 29 he scored on three previous occasions, March 1988 at the Midland Hotel, September 1994 at the MEB Club and November 2017 at the Kings Head Bishops Cleeve. John Duck's 27 was his lowest playing second on anchor leg beating the 29 he scored in November 1993 at the Eagle Star Club and again in January 2010 at the Somerset Arms.