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Seagulls best score for 5 years in a high scoring win

With a total of 518, our highest since December 2013, Seagulls beat the Members by 30 pins at United Services Club (the other alley), winning all four legs.

First leg won by 10 pins with a total of 131. Paul Rowland scored 46 and won the no misses snowball, Alan Scored 44 with a 14 spare and Mark scored 41.

Second leg also won by 10 pins. Curtis scored 42.

Despite scoring 139, third leg only won by 4 pins. Terry scored 48 and shared top score, also winning the 27 snowball with three 9 s to start. John Duck scored 46 and Paul Didcote 45.

Anchor leg won by 6 pins. Simon shared top score with 48 and Tim scored 46.

All time records

In the all time averages table, Paul Rowland climbs from 23rd to 22nd and Curtis from 39th to 38th.

In the pins against man table, Terry climbs from 15th to 14th and Tim from 19th to 18th.

In the no misses table, Paul Rowland climbs from 13th= to 12th=.

Simon's 50th top score

Simon has reached 50 top scores, the 9th player to do so.