Team Records

This page contains links to overall team records as opposed to individual players records which can be found from this page.

Each of the pages listed below detail the following records for either the team as a whole or each of the individual legs:-

Following are a few overall team records which do not logically fit on the other pages.

Best individual spare: 18 Paul Didcote 04.02.1987 v Wreckers at Brown Jug
Simon Trotter 28/09/2016 v Three Bees at Civil Service Club
Highest qualifying league average: 41.5455 Simon Trotter 2013/2014
Lowest qualifying league average: 29.5000 Curtis Mansfield 2015/2016
Most pins up against opponent: 125 Ian Foley 1987/1988
Most pins down against opponent: -130 Derek Hughes 2002/2003
Highest fines in a season: £19.17 Derek Hughes 2002/2003
Highest team average: 456.0000 2013/2014
Lowest team average: 427.0000 2010/2011
Most pins in a season: 15,083 1985/1986
Fewest pins in a season: 10,023 2000/2001
Most team pins up: 514 1987/1988
Most team pins down: -234 2006/2007