Fourth Leg Team Records

This page contains links to overall team records as opposed to individual players records which can be found from this page.

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Played Won Drawn Lost Pins For Pins Against
939 436 36 467 105,815 106,676


Game Details Who
Best home total: 140 01.12.2004 v Vikings at London Inn

Colin Tudor, Paul Fletcher, Derrick Summerbell

Worst home total: 86 06/03/2013 v Rowanfield at London Inn

Derrick Summerbell, Richard Foulds, Paul Didcote

Best away total: 150 21.09.1993 v Royal Union at Royal Union

Derrick Summerbell, Richard Foulds, Terry Jacombs

Worst away total: 85 05.09.1989 v Double Barrell at Conservative Club

Alan Rowland, Ivor Southcombe, Richard Foulds

Best home win: 47 05.10.1994 v Bishops at Eagle Star Club

Paul Fletcher, Terry Jacombs, Neil Wall

Worst home defeat: -35 18/12/2014 v Old Golds at United Services Club

Derrick Summerbell, Derek Hughes, Tim Mansfield

Best away win: 35 03.10.1995 v Pittville Outcasts at Hop Pole Inn

Terry Jacombs, Derrick Summerbell, Neil Wall

Worst away defeat: -56 02/04/2014 v Globetrotters at Beaufort Arms

Paul Fletcher, Derrick Summerbell, Ian Foley

Best individual home score: 55 01.12.2004 v Vikings at London Inn Paul Fletcher
Worst individual home score: 21 28.02.2007 v Flowers Original at London Inn John Duck
Best individual away score: 56 20.11.1990 v Pheasant Inn at Pheasant Inn Paul Fletcher
Worst individual away score: 23 05.09.1989 v Double Barrell at Conservative Club Ivor Southcombe
11.09.1995 v Cavendish House 'A' at United Services Club Terry Jacombs
26.03.2012 v Ex Cons at Hop Pole Inn Richard Foulds