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Family of Dennis Arthur JACOMBS and Elsie Maud DYER

Husband: Dennis Arthur JACOMBS (1910-1999)
Wife: Elsie Maud DYER (1913-1983)
Children: Shirley Betsy JACOMBS
David Arthur JACOMBS
Terence Stanley JACOMBS
Marriage 20 Apr 1935 Sparkhill, Birmingham

Husband: Dennis Arthur JACOMBS (Father)

      Dennis Arthur JACOMBS, 1991?, age 81
Name: Dennis Arthur JACOMBS
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas James JACOMBS (1874-1961)
Mother: Ada Ellen RESUGGAN (1878-1958)
Birth 6 Apr 1910 Birmingham
Death 5 Apr 1999 (age 88) Birmingham
Cremation 15 Apr 1999 (age 89) Birmingham

Wife: Elsie Maud DYER (Mother)

      Elsie Maud DYER, 1968?, age 55
Name: Elsie Maud DYER
Sex: Female
Father: William David DYER (1876-1955)
Mother: Betsy POTTS (1883-1950)
Birth 9 Mar 1913 Sparkhill, Birmingham
Death 11 Oct 1983 (age 70) Birmingham
Cremation 21 Oct 1983 (app) (age 70) Shirley, Birmingham

Child 1: Shirley Betsy JACOMBS (Sister)

      Shirley Betsy JACOMBS     Spouse: William Edward ROUND, 1994, age 63
Name: Shirley Betsy JACOMBS
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Edward ROUND (1930-2005)

Child 2: David Arthur JACOMBS (Brother)

      David Arthur JACOMBS     Spouse: Carole Ann GIBSON     Spouse: June NEALE
Name: David Arthur JACOMBS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Carole Ann GIBSON
Spouse 2: June NEALE( - )

Child 3: Terence Stanley JACOMBS (Self)

      Terence Stanley JACOMBS     Spouse: Bronwyn Jean BARKER     Spouse: Jacqueline HYETT
Name: Terence Stanley JACOMBS
Sex: Male
Nickname: Terry
Spouse 1: Bronwyn Jean BARKER
Spouse 2: Jacqueline HYETT