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Terry Jacombs' Ancestors

These pages contain brief details from my family tree covering my own family and all my direct line ancestors and their children. On two of the lines the earliest ancestors named are less certain than on the other lines, namely the Jacombs and Potts lines. Details of the uncertainties around these two lines can be found on the respective names pages Jacombs and Potts.

The pages are organised as families, and give basic details of birth, marriage, censuses, death, parents names, children, etc. where known. Alongside each of the main individual's names their relationship to me is given. A few photographs (all too few!) accompany some individuals. The direct lines are highlighted as links and will take you to the corresponding family page (in a few cases where an ancestor married more than once, they have family pages with each spouse). Other names (mainly aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles etc) are shown with their parents but only years of birth and death (or baptism and burial are shown). In many cases I have much more information on these individuals and their families in my main family tree.

The Names section of the site contains descendant reports for all the lines in my family tree (and several unconnected ones with related names), and covers many more names and families in very brief summary.

A list of all the names which occur on these pages is provided in the index.

The quick links below take you to the corresponding family page.

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Terry's Family Page
Terry's Parents Family Page
Earliest Barwell ancestor (Ann BARWELL)
Earliest Broadneck ancestor (Elizabeth BROADNECK)
Earliest Chillingworth ancestor (Elizabeth CHILLINGWORTH)
Earliest Clements ancestor (Thomas CLEMENTS)
Earliest Corbett ancestor (Ann Corbett)
Earliest Corne ancestor (Peter CORNE)
Earliest Cotton ancestor (William COTTON)
Earliest Davy ancestor (Robert DAVY)
Earliest Dyer ancestor (Michael DYER)
Earliest Gibbins ancestor (Ann GIBBINS)
Earliest Harrison ancestor (Samuel HARRISON)
Earliest Hull ancestor (Thomas Bowley HULL and Ann HULL)
Earliest Irish ancestor (Samuel IRISH)
Earliest Ison ancestor (George ISON)
Earliest Jacombs ancestor (Anthony JACAM)
Earliest Lloyd ancestor (Catherine LLOYD)
Earliest Moore ancestor (Francis MOORE)
Earliest Smith ancestor (Mary SMITH)
Earliest Pascoe ancestor (Jane PASCOE)
Earliest Potts ancestor (Samuel POTTS)
Earliest Profit ancestor (Mary PROFIT)
Earliest Resuggan ancestor (Stephen RESUGGA)
Earliest Roberts (Cornwall) ancestor (Catherine ROBERTS)
Earliest Roberts (Staffordshire) ancestor (John ROBERTS)
Earliest Stubbs ancestor (John STUBBS)
Earliest Sutton ancestor (Mary SUTTON)
Earliest Tellem ancestor (Margaret TELLEM)
Earliest Timmis ancestor (Ann TIMMIS)
Earliest Topper ancestor (Friswide TOPPER)
Earliest Turner ancestor (Hercules TURNER)
Earliest Vale ancestor (Thomas VALE)
Earliest Wainwright ancestor (Richard WAINWRIGHT)
Earliest Warde ancestor (Alice WARDE)
Earliest Whatnall ancestor (James WATNAL)
Earliest Wise ancestor (John WISE)
Earliest Woodcock ancestor (Ellen WOODCOCK)